The future is now

Stromer S-Pedelecs are not powered by a mid-mounted motor like most e-bikes. Instead, all models use motors built into the rear wheel. Not without reason.

Our technology is:

1. Greater confidence
Power is transferred directly to the rear wheel hub. Thanks to this, we eliminate energy losses that occur during transmission through the crank, sprockets and chain. This way we get more acceleration.

2. More dynamic
The rear-wheel motor of the Stromer operates independently of gear shifting. This means that shifting gears has no effect on torque. You can accelerate smoothly and powerfully.

3. Extended battery range
The 6.8 Wh/km Stromer motors are extremely efficient. They also transfer braking and downhill energy back to the battery via regenerative braking. Thanks to this, they increase its life after a single charge by up to 20%.

4. Less consumption
Unlike a mid-mounted motor, the crank, sprockets and chain are not as stressed and wear out more slowly when transmitting power from the motor. Thanks to regenerative braking, it is the engine that helps you slow down when going downhill, so brake pads and discs last longer.

5. Quiet engine operation
Stromer engines are almost silent, despite their efficiency. All you hear is the wind you create.

6. Elegance
Unlike other e-bikes with a frame-mounted motor, the Stromer Speed Pedelec motor, housed in the rear hub, is virtually invisible. Thanks to this, the frame maintains an elegant silhouette.

7. More fun to drive
More dynamics, smooth acceleration and more distance - without a drop of sweat. Feel the difference!


Thanks to technology that has won several awards, riding a Stromer bike becomes fun.

To achieve this, we cooperate with manufacturers of the highest quality components - Shimano, FSA, Pirelli. The result is a fully integrated design - invisible battery, brake, electric and gear cables routed inside the frame and motor in the rear hub. The whole thing is perfectly described in three words: Beauty. Speed. Precision.

Be fully connected on the go with the Stromer OMNI connect app
Engine tuning, remote maintenance or theft protection - enjoy the many smart features of the Stromer OMNI. connect directly to your Stromer bike computer or via the OMNI smartphone app.

Stromers are power and full control
Stromer Speed Pedelecs are made for urban traffic - an area where balance, braking power, traction and visibility are key. That's why we've equipped your Stromer with a dynamic engine, reliable brakes, the best tires, daytime running lights, brake lights and long and short lights for driving after dark. Be safe!

We are known and recognizable
Swiss technology is appreciated not only in Switzerland. Our Stromers have won international awards in technology and design.

Smart connectivity - with Stromer OMNI connect

In 2014, Stromer launched the world's first e-bike with smart connectivity. Since then, we have been constantly developing our software.

The cloud-based Stromer OMNI connect platform seamlessly connects you to your vehicle. Whether it's GPS location, essential updates, profile management or engine settings. Discover Stromer's digital features that will make your riding experience even more fun.

Stromer OMNI connect - Basic functions

Three-stage theft protection

  1. Electronic engine lock and alarm. If the bike in lock mode is moved, an audible and light alarm will sound and the motor will lock.
  2. Warning message. During a theft attempt, you will receive an SMS notification to your smartphone or e-mail
  3. GPS location. Thanks to this, you will always locate the location of your Stromer

A smart lock system that automatically turns on via Bluethoot when you move away from the bike and turns off when you get close.

Easy battery removal without using a key. PIN code protection prevents theft not only of the bike, but also of the battery

Individual engine settings
You can change the engine settings on your Stromer using the OMNI App or the touchscreen display on the bike frame. Customize motor range, braking power and cadence to your preference.

Remote configuration of settings
OMNI informs you about the condition of the battery, the condition of the brakes, tire pressure, engine temperature and possible irregularities in the operation of individual modules. Most importantly, it allows your reseller to remotely service and adjust individual settings and upload updates.

Monitor and view records of your achievements on the road, e.g. kilometers traveled, time, average pace, data from the last month or a yearly summary.

Service Reminder - Service Reminder
Thanks to the OMNI application, you will be kept informed about the necessary warranty inspections and subsequent services.

Crash Alert - Crash notification
Sensors placed in the Stromer detect unusual position of the bicycle, which occurs suddenly while riding. If the frame remains in a lying position, an SMS with the exact GPS reading of your location is sent to the phone number you set. If the alert is unfounded, you have 60 seconds. to clear the alert.

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