We are ahead of time by several lengths

The Swiss brand Stromer has been on the market since 2009. Over the decade, it has made a real revolution in the bicycle industry, raising two-wheelers powered by an electric drive to an unprecedented technological level.

  • Multifunctional on-board computer built into the upper frame and operated remotely via an easy-to-use app
  • Hydraulic brakes equipped with ABS system
  • Subtly hidden battery inside the frame, high-quality engine, tires from a reputable car tire manufacturer
  • Durable components

These are just a few of the many solutions that make our bikes an industry leader. Each model is the intricate result of the collaboration of engineers and designers who are not afraid to create with truly visionary panache. The famous Swiss precision, previously attributed to the excellent quality of watches, is now reflected in Stromer bicycles.

They turn out to be a great alternative to moving around in crowded traffic. They also guarantee a successful holiday outside the city. Above all, however, they provide an unforgettable driving experience. More about Stromer bikes at

Our Vision
Mobility is freedom. That is why we adapt our electric bikes to the constantly changing reality, creating vehicles that, due to their technological advancement, evoke associations with luxury cars.

Our Mission
Developing the best electric bikes that will become an inspiration to change from 4 wheels to 2. We want to combine care for the environment with luxury, not with sacrifices. Most drivers who decided to leave their cars in the garage and commute to work on our bikes compare them to Porsche or Ferrari cars.

Our Values
Beauty. Speed. Precision.
We are not satisfied with less than 120 percent, and everything we do, we do with passion. We have in mind the good of society and our planet at the same time. Putting higher and higher demands on ourselves, we create extremely beautiful, fast and durable S-Pedelecs.

Thanks to our passion and professional approach, we are not only pioneers in the field of electric bicycle technology, but also leaders in the effectiveness of conquering new markets:

  • Already over 70 thousand. Stromer bikes ride the streets of European cities every day
  • Over 100,000 enthusiasts use the S-Pedelec Stromer
  • Stromer bikes are delivered to customers by nearly 500 authorized dealers in 20 countries

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