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The past does not exist. The present is the past. The future is now.

Our passion is mechanical engineering and electronics, and the challenge we take every day is to apply the achievements of these fields in everyday life. Eleway's team of experts deals with devices that are multifunctional, flexible, easy to configure, as well as highly adaptable and easy to use. At the same time, we are not indifferent to issues related to environmental protection, which is of key importance in the face of unrelenting technological progress.

The constantly growing population is associated with an increase in the number of vehicles - still mostly combustion engines - that move on our roads. Therefore, our area of interest now also includes electromechanical microsystems used to operate ecological vehicles. In order to meet the requirements of public transport - especially public transport - we have dealt with the promotion and sale of Speed Pedelec electric bicycles, of the Swiss brand Stromer, of which we are the official and exclusive distributor in Poland.

The Stromer has ushered in a new era of urban mobility. Together we respond to the challenges of urban traffic thanks to the use of the latest technology and achievements of Swiss engineering. Stromer has developed the fastest and most efficient Speed Pedelecs, featuring fully integrated design, electronic connectivity and captivating design. Our bikes have been created primarily for everyday commuting, but also for weekend trips.
We shape the future of mobility. We provide comfort and joy of driving. We care about the environment.

Help us shape the future of mobility
We believe that long distances are best covered together. Especially when we shape the future. As a result, part of our success can be attributed to our dealers and you, the customer. We look forward to hearing your feedback and ideas for each step of the journey.

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